What Should I Look for in a Boarding Kennel?

Going on holidays or away for work when you have a dog can be challenging, especially if you don’t have family or friends nearby who are willing to care for your pet in your absence. Alternatively, you may be renovating or trying to sell your home – and Rover needs to be somewhere else while this is happening. Many people choose to send their dog to a boarding kennel at times like this.
While there are some great boarding kennels out there, all are not created equal. How do you choose the right one for your dog?

• Vet Recommendation: most vets will have boarding kennels they can recommend, and may even carry brochures for kennels, catteries, and house sitting services. Some kennels may even work in “partnership” with your vet and even offer a pick up and drop off service there.

• Word of Mouth: ask others in your area where they board their dogs. A great personal recommendation speaks volumes.

• Go and see the kennel you are considering for yourself. Some are very basic, others are luxury personified. Paying a little extra can make a huge difference to the level of care your dog receives and his satisfaction while there. Also consider your dog when you choose the type of kennel he goes to.

• Note that busy holiday periods book up very quickly and at some times you may need to book months in advance. This includes Christmas, Easter, school holidays, and public holidays.

• Does your dog have special needs? Your vet can best recommend the right pet boarding option in this case.

What to look for in a kennel:

• Staff are friendly, happy, and interact well with the dogs
• The kennel is clean and well maintained
• The kennel has strict guidelines relating to vaccinations, worming, and flea treatments
• Dogs are happy, relaxed, playing and sleeping
• Dogs have areas where they can play and socialise as well as both inside and outside where they can rest and relax
• Beds are off the ground
• Pens are escape-proof
• Pens are large enough for your dog to run
• Staff are willing to administer special diets and medication if required

Avoid any kennel that:
• Has dogs barking and pacing
• Smells bad
• Is dirty and pens are obviously difficult to clean
• Doesn’t wish to give comprehensive tours
• Doesn’t require proof of vaccination’
• Feels “off”
Of course, boarding your dog in a kennel isn’t your only option when you go on holidays or away for work. Pet sitting and pet minding services are available in your own home from people like us at Urban Paws! With pet sitting, we come to your home every day you are away, feed and provide water for your pet, clean up after them, give them some love and affection, and if your pet is a dog, we take them for a walk. They get to remain in their home environment, so they will be calm and happy and low in stress (as long as they can cope being alone most of the day), and your home will look more lived in with an active daily presence there. It’s a great vacation solution.

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