Top Tips for Doggie Parenting

Just like human kids, dogs require definitive parenting from their human parents. This involves a myriad of things to ensure a happy, healthy, and well-balanced furry family member. Here are some simple yet very important tips to having the very best relationship with your dog – and vice versa…

• The entire human family of the pet needs to be onboard. There is no point in having half the human family adhering to training rules and the other half not complying at all. This will merely confuse the dog and set him up for failure from the start.

• Start Training as early as possible. If you’ve adopted a puppy, perfect. This is by far the best time to begin training your dog – puppies have not yet had bad habits ingrained, and they learn easily at this stage.

• If you’ve adopted an older dog, don’t despair. Older dogs may well be already perfectly trained! If not, seek the help of a professional to get you and your dog started. By learning new tricks and pleasing you, your dog’s confidence will grow.

• Reward great behaviour. Offer treats of various kinds to reinforce a job well done

• Praise is the biggest reward of all. Your dog wants nothing more than to please you – let him know that he has done so – every time.

• Dogs need exercise, mental stimulation, a change of scenery, and lots of love and attention. Take a new walking route. Go to a dog park. Go to a dog-friendly beach. Give him a new toy from time to time. Teach him a new skill.

• Take notice of your dog. You owe it to him to be aware of his moods and wellbeing, to note when something is not right. Have his eating habits changed? Is his behaviour different? Does he seem sad or withdrawn?
Does he seem afraid of something or someone? Get any concerns checked by a vet.

• Is your dog a social animal? Consider taking him to doggie day care! Even if you don’t go out to work, some dogs thrive on the company and the environment of making new friends and having some serious play time with their canine counterparts. Even just one day a week, or on a casual basis, might be just what your dog needs to enhance his life just that bit more. Chat with us at Urban Paws to determine whether doggie day care is right for your dog.

Dogs (like other animals) are souls just like we humans are – as “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan once said, “Dogs are just like us – they’re just wearing different suits”. They have feelings and thoughts and the same emotions we do: joy, shame, sadness, grief, contentment … your dog wants to receive love, attention, and affection, and he wants to lavish these back on you. Follow the tips above to help him achieve this – for both his benefit and yours!

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