Top Active Dog Breeds for Adventures




Dogs are a favourite companion animal for people from all walks for life, and active humans really love to take their dogs with them for outdoor adventures.

There are some specific dog breeds that are highly active and better suited for joining their humans on these adventures than others.

These highly active dogs include:

  • Australian Cattle Dog – smart, extremely energetic, strong, and able to be on the move all day. This dog forms tight bonds with human family members and is a great pet for an active family.


  • Tibetan Terrier – small but incredibly active, these dogs were bred and raised in monasteries two millennia ago. They were kept as charms for good luck and are great herders and retrievers. They love to climb, run, and are very agile. They also love snow.


  • Jack Russell Terrier – like the Energiser Bunny, this dog is small but extremely energetic. He will love long distance running and extended play.


  • Bernese Mountain Dog – bred for drafting and droving, they are strong, easy to train, and love hiking. Best suited to cooler climates.


  • Portuguese Water Dog – bred for herding fish, swimming as couriers, and retrieving broken nets. These dogs love water play.


  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi – small herder who loves exercise, and is surprisingly fast on such short legs!


  • Shetland Sheepdog – playful and very intelligent, this dog has a strong herding instinct and loves a chase. They need to be kept leashed near roads as their instinct for herding can lead them astray – a great dog for fenced areas on farms.


  • German Shorthaired Pointer – this dog is incredibly intelligent. It likes hunting, retrieving, trailing, and pointing.


  • Vizsla – this breed is highly trainable and is a perfect companion for city runners. It is adept at endurance, speed, jumping, and obstacle navigation.


  • Dalmatian – bred to clear the way ahead of fire-fighting carriages, these dogs are fast and love a long distance jog.


  • Doberman – a very good guardian and a very affectionate family member, this dog is obedient, low maintenance, and fearless.


  • Rhodesian Ridgeback – these dogs were originally bred in Africa for lion hunting. They are great with people and very athletic, and they tolerate exercising in hot weather better than many other breeds.


  • Weimaraner – a fantastic jogging companion, it also likes hunting and tolerates hotter climates reasonably well. It needs open running space at home as well as plenty of dog walking and other exercise.


  • Australian Shepherd – herding dog that is very protective of its humans and likes exploring different terrain types.


  • Siberian Husky – an independent breed suited to cold climates, the Husky will be a great companion on long hikes and trail runs. It needs to be leashed, however, as it will run and keep running.


  • Labrador Retriever – friendly, and with a strong urge to explore, this is a great hunting dog.


  • Border Collie – very intelligent and agile, this dog loves working, walking, and running with its human family members.

These dogs, and mixes of these breeds, will be active and enthusiastic companions for running, hiking, and all manner of outdoor fun. If you’re an active person, this could be the dog for you! And if you’re a couch potato, take note: these breeds need a significant amount of dog-walking. Make sure you’re onboard with this before adding an active dog to your family!

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