Safe Garden for Doggies

A few weeks ago we addressed garden plants which are toxic to dogs, and which should be avoided (or to which access by your dog needs to be blocked).

Not all plants represent a risk to Fido, thankfully, and some plants are actually quite good for him to get up close and personal with.


Here is a very basic list of plants which are safe for dogs…

Garden Plants which are Safe for Dogs

• Petunia • California Lilac
• Calendula • Echinacea
• Zinnia • Sunflower
• Snapdragons • Alpine Strawberries
• Roses • Blueberries
• Catnip and Catmint • Alyssium
• Nasturtium • Bamboo
• Primrose • Plantain (Banana Tree)
• Goat’s Beard • Beetroot
• Columbine • Butternut Squash
• Violet • Camellia
• Impatiens • Canna Lily
• Begonia • Celosia
• African Daisy • Chinese Plumbago
• Cinnamon • Star Jasmine
• Cornflower • Crepe Myrtle
• Dianthus • Fuchsia
• Marigold • Hollyhock
• Irish Moss • Jasmine
• Kentia Palm • Magnolia
• Mulberry • Venus Fly Trap


It is highly recommended that you have parts of the garden which are off limits to your dog, since so many plants, trees and shrubs are so toxic. Consider making just one section of your yard a dog run, with other areas fences off and out of bounds, particularly if your dog is inclines to eat plant matter. Ensure that Fido’s go-to areas have plenty of shade, some grass, and that paving is smooth so as not to harm his feet. Easy access to fresh drinking water and shelter is imperative.

Plants that are Great for Dogs to Eat

It has been speculated by animal experts that dogs (and cats) may, at times, eat plant matter intuitively for their specific medicinal properties. Choosing to provide a selection of the right kind of plants for which your dog to have easy access to will not only keep him happy, but may prevent him munching on other plants.

• Milk Thistle is easy to grow and acts as a liver tonic

• Burdock Herb treats allergies, kidney issues, and digestive upsets

• Peppermint is great for nausea and digestion

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• Garlic grass boosts the immune system (the clove itself is not good for dogs and is toxic to cats)

• Astralagus is a herb that lowers blood pressure, reduces blood sugar levels, and promotes healing

• Rosemary is an immunity booster


• Wheat and barley grass are great for both dogs and cats to munch on

Back yards and gardens can pose risks to dogs other than toxic plant matter; we’ll look at these risks in a few weeks. Come back to learn more.

For a full list of dog-safe plants as categorised by the ASPCA, visit

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