Pet Sitting through the Eyes of Urban Paws

If you are a pet owner who enjoys travelling for pleasure, or your job requires you to travel out of necessity, you might find yourself in a dilemma. Leaving your beloved pet for any amount of time is difficult in itself, but many pet owners also face the arduous decision of whether or not to have their pet as their travelling companion. If having your pet accompany you is not even a consideration, you will the have the daunting task of finding someone who will lovingly provide quality care for your pet while you are away.

Pet sitting - care in a familiar environment.
Pet sitting – care in a familiar environment.

If you find yourself in search of suitable arrangements for your pet, you might want to consider the option of a pet sitting service. This viable solution can offer so many advantages for both you and your pet. At Urban Paws, we truly believe from our own experience, that when a pet owner makes the choice to leave their beloved pet(s) in the care of a qualified and loving pet sitter the benefits are immeasurable. More importantly, perhaps, is the invaluable investment you will be making in your own pet’s emotional, social, and physical well being. So, for every pet owner who is preparing for a trip or even those who are considering one in the near future- we ask that you sit back, grab a cup of tea (or whatever your favourite beverage may be) as we share with you…. Pet Sitting through the eyes of Urban Paws.

Having a pet sitter come into your home is comparable to you never leaving your home. It is a personalised service which allows your furry family member to remain in familiar surroundings as they continue with their normal routine on a daily basis. The following are some of the greatest benefits for your dog, cat, or small animal.

*With over a 1000 (and counting) pet sitting jobs, we have witnessed the presence of a pet caregiver coming to your home can eliminate the stress and separation anxiety many pets experience in their owner’s absence. Primarily, because a pet sitter gives your pet the personalised one-on-one attention he or she needs. As a consequence of this individualised attention, both the caregiver and animal form a strong bond. This occurs because your pet actually feels rewarded by the pet carer’s visits and begins to enthusiastically look forward to them. A qualified and loving pet sitter is one who eventually becomes an extended family member- how great is that!

* Leaving your pet at home in the care of a sitter allows them to roam freely in their own familiar surroundings during the length of your absence; rather than being locked in a cage or in a kennel pen (with only limited exercise and in many cases, not even in the company of other animals).

* Your pet’s routine remains consistent in regard to their feeding times and walks. Our pet sitters will often take your pet on outings to the beach or dog parks they already frequently visit.

*The possibility of your pet contracting any communicable diseases is greatly diminished when they are allowed to remain in their home instead of being boarded at a kennel or cattery. Generally, in a kennel or cattery environment, there is a greater risk for your pet coming in contact with an air-borne or on contact illness/disease.

* For ailing, ill, elderly, unneutered, or spayed animals having a pet sitter is an ideal situation because the owner can have peace of mind knowing their pet will be well taken care of in a familiar environment. For animals in this category, multiple visits per day can be scheduled to maintain medication routines or to monitor your pet closely; and if necessary, veterinary appointments can be arranged in your absence.

* From our years of experience, cats, in particular, benefit greatly from having a pet sitter care for them. Independent by nature, your cat will benefit emotionally and physically from being left in its home environment. In the care of a purrrfectly loving pet sitter who feeds, keeps the litter tray clean, accompanied by lots of cuddles & brushing, many of our clients have returned home to their cats happy and contented.

As cool as a cat!
As cool as a cat!

 In addition to your pet benefitting from a pet sitting service, there are also a number of advantages for pet owners too. Discover what a pet sitter who comes to your home can do for you!

*There is a great potential for a break-in at any home while the owner is away. Having a pet sitter visit for an hour or two every day shows there is activity going on in and around your residence. The presence of an unmarked car in the driveway at regular times during the day is also a deterrent in itself.

*Your personal pet sitter will also collect your mail, water your plants, and even take out the rubbish on collection days for you. Upon request, a pet sitting service will even do a bit of shopping at the grocery prior to your return to ensure you come back to a stocked fridge- this is especially beneficial for those clients who arrive home in the late evening or early morning hours.

*You will have the ability to be in constant communication with your pet sitter via email, text messaging, or social media sites to simply check in or receive reports on the welfare of your pet. This will give any absentee owner the much needed peace of mind they need to enjoy their vacation or concentrate on the business matters they are attending to.

Undeniably, there are a number of advantages to enlisting a pet sitting service for your cat, dog. or small animal. With over five years of experience, at Urban Paws, we can attest to both the benefits of this service and the difference it can make in your pet’s well-being. The key is to find a reputable pet sitting service which employs loving, trustworthy, and qualified pet sitters. We encourage every pet owner to consider the option of a pet sitting service when they need to be away from home….and, hopefully, we have made your decision just a little bit easier by sharing ‘Pet Sitting through the eyes of Urban Paws.’

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