Pet Sitting at Urban Paws

There comes a time for all of us when we have to be away from our pets. And unless it’s a short break and that pet is a goldfish or a snake that eats only once per week, pets can’t be left entirely alone for more than a day or so. While some dogs love to go to a kennel for their own vacation, and some pet-loving family members are willing to pet-sit, most of us dread having to make arrangements for the care of our pets. Cats hate going to catteries, and no pet enjoys having a trip to the vet for any reason, even if it’s just for boarding. It is stressful for both pet and human pet-parent.

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This is where Urban Paws at Yarraville is here to help. As well as our comprehensive dog day care, dog walking, and dog grooming services, we proudly offer a superior and loving personalised pet sitting service – right in your own home.
Dogs, cats, birds, bunnies and ferrets thrive on routine and having no surprises – and this becomes ever truer as pets get older. They also thrive on having love, affection, and attention, as well as consistency in diet and, for dogs, exercise routines.
Why not allow your beloved furry, feathered, or scaly family members to stay at home in your absence? With Urban Paws’ qualified pet sitters, your pet’s routine can remain pretty much the same despite your absence.
The friendly, animal-loving pet sitter will come to your home every day of your absence, and feed, clean up after, and love your pet. Cat visits are for thirty minutes, while dog visits are for an hour and include a walk. We also attend to feed and see to other animals including chickens, ducks, rabbits, caged birds, and possibly some reptiles (contact us for more information).
As well as caring for your pets at home during your absence, we offer complimentary extras – mail collection, garbage disposal, and plant watering by prior agreement if you wish. This will help your home to continue to appear inhabited – nobody will ever guess the only current inhabitant of your home has four legs and a tail (or feathers!).
Check out our pet sitting page here to find our rates as well as the suburbs we service. And remember, a happy pet at home equals a happy holiday for you!

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