Pet Registration in Victoria – What you Need to Know

Owning a dog (or cat) doesn’t just carry responsibilities of care, feeding, dog grooming and walking, and regular vet checks. According to the Domestic Animals Act 1994, registration of your pet is a legal requirement. Every dog and cat aged three months or older must be micro-chipped and registered with your local council, and registrations must be renewed every year.

Pet registration with your local council is not the same as microchip registration. Microchip registration is a method of permanent identification for your pet so they can be quickly identified and reunited with you should they go missing, become lost, or suffer an injury. Your vet can undertake micro-chipping.

Pet registration is not just about providing a lost and found service for your dog (or cat). Pet registration fees also help fund dog parks, pounds, shelters, events like pet expos, and dog poo bins. It also provides funding for animal management employees, auditing of pet stores, boarding kennels and breeding facilities, and management of dangerous breeds. Education programs for infants and primary aged school children regarding dog bite prevention, emergency animal welfare, and pet welfare research are also funded in part by pet registration fees.

Some other benefits of pet registration to you and your pet include:

  • Individualised registration tags
  • Free factsheets, information booklets, and websites
  • Community microchip and desexing days (discounted)
  • Animal management staff to handle noise complaints and stray animals
  • Animal management staff training
  • Professional auditing of pet shops, catteries, kennels, breeding facilities
  • Dog bite education programs
  • Emergency animal welfare


Non-compliance with pet registration laws can result in fines. Pet owners who have desexed their pets will receive registration fee discounts – this helps encourage early desexing of pet cats and dogs.

Fees for pet registration vary. Reduced fees apply for dogs that are desexed, are over ten years of age, are kept for registered breeding, are kept for working stock on a farm, or have an obedience certificate from a Government-approved organisation. You are also entitled to reduced fees if you are a pensioner holding an approved concession card issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Health and Human Services.

Pet registration is part of responsible pet ownership. Renew your pet’s registration every year, and transfer it if you move.

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