Preventing Dog Bites: What You Need to Know

In the vast majority of cases, dogs do not bite for fun, or for “no reason”. Ninety nine percent of the time, a bite is a dog’s last resort for defence – of his food, space, pups, owner, or self. And, being of similar size, children, in a dog’s mind, pose the greatest threat – … Continued

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Bites are an unfortunate possibility with all animals (and many children too!), yet dog bites are those which receive the most attention. The consequences of being bitten by a dog range from a lifelong aversion to dogs as a result of a playful nip, to life-threatening injuries and the legal requirement that the offending dog … Continued

Human Foods that are Great for Dogs – Part Two

Following on from last time, here are some more dog-approved human food items, which your four legged family member can safely enjoy: • Flax seed – flax seed oil, or ground flax seeds, are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and are great for the dog’s skin and coat

Human Foods that are Great for Dogs – Part One

While there are certainly a lot of foods that humans enjoy which are dangerous to feed to dogs (or to allow dogs to sneakily consume, even in very small amounts), there are some human food items which are actually very good for our canine friends. Whether you choose to cook homemade meals for your dog, … Continued

Human Foods and Dogs: What to Avoid – Part Two

Here we pick up from last week, looking at human foods which must never be given to dogs. In addition to those we have already discussed (alcohol, garlic, chives, onions, avocado, chocolate, caffeine, grapes, sultanas, raisins, currants, macadamia nuts and artificial sweeteners), the following foods must NEVER be given to a dog: • Cooked Bones … Continued

Human Foods and Dogs: What to Avoid – Part One

Most dog owners can’t resist slipping canine family members treats from the human dinner plate. Be it as a reward, or simply due to the fact we love them (and can’t resist those puppy dog eyes and salivating jowls making us feel guilty if we are eating and they are not), people have been tossing … Continued

Keeping Your Best Friend Safe – Part Two

Following on from our last post regarding how to keep your dog safe, here are some more important things to consider when caring for the well-being of your canine family members… Hazardous To Dogs: • Plants and Plant Bulbs. Many plant varieties are toxic to dogs (and, incidentally, to cats as well). Some are outright … Continued

Keeping Your Best Friend Safe – Part One

If you are lucky enough to be a dog owner, chances are he (or she) is a beloved family member. The days of the family dog being banished to the backyard and rarely kept in the company of human family members are generally gone, thank goodness; dogs are “pack” animals and their human family is … Continued

Recall Training – Troubleshooting!

Following on from our previous blog posts regarding the importance of recall training, and the basics of “how-to” train your dog for reliable recall, here are some simple tips and guidelines to follow. These will help ensure your dog’s recall remains reliable and successful. • Have realistic expectations. Even the most well-trained, well behaved dog … Continued

How Do I Train Recall Effectively? (Part Two)

Most dogs, like most children, are smart – and will typically do what they find most rewarding. As an owner, you need to make obedience have the most rewarding outcome for the dog. As such, you need to make obeying your command more enticing and rewarding than anything they can experience off the leash.

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