Blood Donor Dogs

Many human volunteers give blood, which is literally the gift of life in an emergency.

But what happens when a dog needs a blood transfusion?

There are times, occasionally, when a dog requires a lifesaving blood transfusion, in an emergency such as internal bleeding from trauma, due to ingestion of a toxin (especially rat baits), or due to illnesses such as anaemia or during aggressive cancer treatment.

In cases like these, dog blood donors are required. More

Can Your Pet Make You Sick?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are an animal lover and you have at least one furry family member. There are, however, a lot of people who do not love dogs (and, even more so, cats). While those of us who do love them will never understand why, one reason could be the concept that our companion animals can make us sick.

Is there any truth to this or is it just a myth? More

Why Does My Dog Eat Poo?

It’s a fact of pet (dog) ownership that we’d rather not have to face, but some dogs will voluntarily eat poo. Yes, it’s disgusting. It’s also not uncommon. More

Canine Obesity – How to Avoid It



So your dog is overweight. No big deal, right?


Obesity is a common problem in pets in Australia, and dogs are no exception. In many cases, it’s a direct result of overfeeding – and it has definite and specific health and wellbeing ramifications for your pet. More

Keeping your Pet Safe – Indoors

Happy New Year! A new year is the time many people make resolutions, and one thing a lot of us do is, at some point in January, have a bit of a cleanup. It might not be spring, but it can be a great time for a “spring” clean. It’s also a really good time to remove those things from your home that can be a hazard to your beloved pets. More

Keeping your Pet Safe at Christmas

With the arrival of December each year, the “silly season” is upon us – time for parties, holidays, winding down for the year and welcoming a new year at the end of the month. While it’s all fun and games for humans, your pet needs some special consideration at this time of the year.

A home that is busy, loud, or full of guests can be overwhelming for your pet – and even more importantly, festive foods and decorations can literally be hazardous or even deadly for your cat, dog, or another animal friend. More

Pet Essentials – Disposing of Pet Waste

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Whether you have a cat or a dog, pet waste disposal is your responsibility. And there are ways you should, and should not, go about it.

Pets produce a surprising amount of waste. If you have a dog or outdoor cats, you’ll need only consider solid waste as your responsibility. If you have an indoor cat, general kitty litter disposal is an additional consideration. More

What You Need to Know about Dog Baiting


As impossible as it is for most of us to understand, there are some people who are not animal lovers, and there are people who do not like dogs. There are, appallingly, even some who actively set out to cause harm to dogs.

In the last couple of years, the RSPCA has reported concerns over the swift rise in dog baiting. What is dog baiting? More

Speaking your Pet’s Language

A recent article in the news explored how dogs communicate with their humans – and gave an opinion on which species is smarter (dogs versus cats).

First Up – Who’s Smarter?

While dog owners like to think their favoured pet is smart for his loyalty, friendliness, and willingness to be trained, it’s for the very opposite traits that cat owners believe their feline friends are smart – aloofness, attitude, and independence. But science has an answer of sorts. More