Human Foods that are Great for Dogs – Part One

While there are certainly a lot of foods that humans enjoy which are dangerous to feed to dogs (or to allow dogs to sneakily consume, even in very small amounts), there are some human food items which are actually very good for our canine friends.

Whether you choose to cook homemade meals for your dog, or you want to slip them a little treat from your plate, make sure they are safe for a dog’s constitution.

Here are some dog-approved food items, which your dog can safely enjoy:
Cooked Chicken – without bones – dogs love chicken. Raw drumsticks can be a great treat, but even better is cooked, boneless chicken. ALWAYS remove the bones, as cooked bones of any kind can be very dangerous to your pet.

Cheese/Cottage Cheese – providing your pooch does not suffer from lactose intolerance, cheese is a wonderful treat in moderation. Introduce it slowly so as to be sure of any adverse reaction (a lactose intolerant dog will soon exhibit diarrhoea and stomach upset). If all goes well, opt for cheeses that are lower in fat. Cottage cheese is generally a very good choice.

Baby Carrots – these are fantastic for your dog’s teeth, are high in fibre and low in kilojoules, and are full of beta carotene.

Peanut Butter – this is many a dog’s favourite treat. High in protein, healthy fats, niacin and Vitamin E, raw and unsalted varieties are best. Peanut butter stuffed into a Kong toy will keep your dog busy and happy for hours.

Cooked Salmon – the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are very beneficial to a dog’s immune system and coat. Feed your dog cooked salmon, or add salmon oil to his bowl. Unwanted, cooked salmon skin is also a welcome treat.

Pumpkin – like carrot, pumpkin is a fantastic source of essential nutrients. Additionally, pumpkin keeps the digestive tract moving, for utmost colonic health and overall wellbeing.

Rice – rice is bland and is the perfect meal to give a dog that has an upset stomach. While brown rice has a slightly higher protein and slightly lower fat content, white or instant rice are very easily digestible. Whether your dog is feeling unwell or is simply a senior citizen, rice is a great carbohydrate source for energy. It can be very appealing when mixed with cooked chicken and cottage cheese.

Eggs – a scrambled egg is a great way to give your dog a boost of protein that is easy to digest.

Parsley – high in calcium, beta carotene, and potassium, parsley is a good way to improve doggie breath. Think of it as a canine mouthwash!

Come back next time for the second instalment of our list of foods which both you and your dog can enjoy.

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