Five Reasons to Bring Your Canine to Dog Day Care

outdoor fun for pets at dog daycare
Happy pups at Urban Paws Dog Day Care

If you are a dog owner, you undoubtedly not only love your furry companion with all your heart, you also want to give him or her everything they need to live a happy life. As any owner of a dog will tell you…along with the basic necessities of food and shelter-that means lots of love and attention! Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, not all of us can spend 24/7 with our four-legged family members…even if we would like nothing better. The fact is, because of our jobs and other commitments, a great many hours are spent away from our beloved canines. Often, while their owners are away, many dogs spend their time alone tearing up the house, digging up the backyard, pacing in their pens, or simply lying around waiting for their owners to walk through the door. The good news is… there is an ideal solution to leaving your dog alone during the day-and it is called dog day care.

There are so many benefits to having your dog attend a dog day care centre-the following are the top five reasons every dog owner should consider this favourable alternative to leaving your dog alone at home.

*Dog day care can provide the love and attention your dog needs during the day while you are away from them. It can also alleviate the separation anxiety and loneliness that many dogs experience in their owner’s absence.

*Dog day care offers bored or high-energy dogs the opportunity to exercise with appropriate, stimulating, and safe equipment. Having your dog spend the day at a dog day care centre allows them to expend his or her energy. Keeping both your dog’s body and mind active during the day will ensure when you retrieve your pup they will be happy, tired, and ready to return home relaxed.

*Dog day care gives your dog the opportunity to socialise not only with other dogs, but with other people too. Generally speaking, the caregivers at a dog day care will be animal lovers and pet owners too. They will treat your dog as if they were their own, giving them the quality care and one-on-one attention necessary for your dog to thrive in your absence.

*Having your canine participate in dog day care is also a great preventative for undesirable and destructive behaviours. Unlike leaving your dog home alone where destructive behaviour can occur out of boredom and pent-up energy, at dog day care your pooch is supervised continuously throughout the day by qualified caregivers in a nurturing environment.

*Although it is sometimes difficult for dog owners to admit- they often feel terribly guilty for leaving their dog at home all day alone. Having your dog attend dog day care will relieve some of the guilt you are feeling because you can feel confident, that in your absence, your dog is being well taken care by loving and qualified individuals.

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