Feeding your Fussy Dog – Food Mixing



Keeping your pooch healthy and happy involves lots of different things – plenty of dog walking, attention to dog grooming, love, affection, and even regular visits to a dog day care centre like Urban Paws in Yarraville!

The way you feed your dog is crucial as well – a healthy diet is critical to ongoing optimal health. And, like people (especially kids), dogs can become bored with their regular diet or lose interest in the food you offer.

Food mixing can be the key to reactivating your dog’s interest in his food; you just need to know how to do it well. There are some things you should do, as well as some things you should avoid…

  • Check with your vet: certain pet foods are formulated especially for your dog’s lifestyle, life stage, health issues, and even size. If you are mixing commercial or prescription foods, you need to be sure you’re not inadvertently compromising your dog’s wellbeing. This could be via weight gain or overexposure to certain minerals and vitamins. Your vet can provide expert advice.


  • Try adding water to dry dog kibble: many dogs do enjoy their kibble dry, but some like it to have some liquid added. Just a small amount can enhance the flavour of the dry food and provide some much-appreciated moisture. It can be especially valuable in the hotter spring and summer months when consuming plenty of water is even more important.


  • Mix tinned food with dry food: this can increase the amount of moisture and the flavour of the food. It can also provide some variety in texture which makes mealtime more interesting for your dog.


  • Avoid mixing prescription foods. Unless your vet gives the go-ahead, don’t mix prescribed foods with other foods. A diet that is vet prescribed is therapeutic and created specifically for your pet’s health issues. Adding other foods may alter or dilute the effects of the special diet and counteract the benefits, compromising the health of your dog.


By providing some variety, you can find ways to reinvigorate your pet’s appetite and eating habits. Food with different aromas, textures, and shapes will make dinnertime much more interesting and appealing, even to the fussiest of canine eaters!

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