Doggy Day Care – Why You Should Send your Dog

Just like sending your toddler or preschooler to day care has enormous benefits to the child, so does sending your beloved pooch to dog day care. It may seem like an expensive enterprise, but for most dogs and their owners, the benefits far outweigh the costs involved.


How can doggy day care benefit your dog (and you)?

• Exercise and Mental Stimulation. It can be challenging to give your dog the amount of exercise he really needs. Day care takes control of this. Playing, exercising, running, and being mentally stimulated tires out your dog – so he comes home happy and ready to rest.

• Socialisation. Just like their wolf ancestors, dogs are pack animals, and thrive on interaction with other dogs and humans. Dogs literally make friends and the more they are socialised, the better they will get along with other dogs and people alike. Dogs that enjoy regular visits to day care are also very happy, both to spend time with their friends during the day and to have quiet time with you at the end of a long day of playing.

• Eliminate Loneliness, Boredom and Anxiety. Many dogs get upset, lonely, anxious, and even fret when left alone all day. The can also become bored – and this is where trouble starts. If you have come home one too many times to an obliterated garden, a shredded throw cushion, or a brand new dog bed that has been destroyed beyond recognition, perhaps doggy day care is the answer!

• No messes! The last thing you want to do when you get home from work is clean up after anyone – your dog included. A dog that has been at day care has not done its business in the wrong place, dug a hole in your flower garden, or left landmines all over the yard for you to hunt down in the dark.

Even sending your dog just once or twice a week will have an enormous impact on his enjoyment of life, self esteem, sociability, and overall happiness and wellbeing. As dog day care becomes a part of his routine, he will look forward to going and playing with new found friends, and will come home pleasantly tired and ready for quiet cuddles. And for hard working humans, what could be better at the end of as long work day than calm canine cuddles?

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