Christmas Gifts for Fido

Christmas might just be the most exciting time of year; it certainly is for children both young and old. Our furry children are no different! Dogs get very excited about family gatherings and yummy treats, and they sense and share their humans’ excitement about most aspects of the Festive season. How many dogs happily wear reindeer ears for photo ops? I rest my case!

Dogs also get excited about receiving gifts. While many pet owners spoil their furry friends at Christmas, and Santa may make a stop especially for Fido or Kitty, dogs seem to somehow know exactly what is going on. Many a pooch knows exactly which gifts under the tree are for him!

So what to buy your beloved doggie for Christmas?

Here are some ideas:

• A children’s paddle pool.

In the hot Australian summer, there’s nothing better than a quick dip to cool off. Dogs tend to love playing in water, and a child’s plastic paddle pool can be a great investment for hot dogs that are outside. Just remember that water safety considerations for children and toddlers apply.

• A new pet bed
A plush and cosy pet bed might be perfect in winter, but in summer something fresher and cooler will be better. Since pet beds don’t wear too well in the long term, between chewing, claws, and fur, what better time to invest in a new pet bed than as a gift from Santa?

• Toys
Just as with children, too many toys are never enough. Any new toy is a novelty and toys of all kinds wear out quickly. Squeaky toys, chew toys, tug toys – you name it, your dog will love it.

• Balls
Like toys, a dog can never have too many balls. Whether your dog’s balls last weeks or mere minutes, a pack of tennis balls are always a treat.

• Grooming session
Sometimes it might seem that dog grooming is actually for the owner rather than the dog. Some dogs do, however, love the whole grooming process – washing, getting a “massage”, losing the winter coat instantly… if your dog falls into this category, there is no better gift.

• An introduction to doggie day care.
Would your pooch enjoy having a day a week at doggie day care? Or to visit on a casual basis? Dogs are social animals and, in most cases, the benefits of attending dog day care are worth every penny. An introduction to doggie day care might just be the gift that keeps on giving…

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