Pet Essentials – Disposing of Pet Waste

IMAGE: Amazon Whether you have a cat or a dog, pet waste disposal is your responsibility. And there are ways you should, and should not, go about it. Pets produce a surprising amount of waste. If you have a dog or outdoor cats, you’ll need only consider solid waste as your responsibility. If you have … Continued

A Wagging Tail

One thing all dogs have in common at birth is a cute tail that will wag and communicate very effectively about how your dog is feeling at any given moment. DID YOU KNOW?

The Benefits of Doggy Day Care

Bringing your dog to doggy day care in Yarraville at our Urban Paws Dog Day Care Centre has many positive benefits for you and your dog. Not only can you feel comfortable to go to work or out and know that your dog is being cared for well in your absence, there are a myriad … Continued

The Beauty of Mixed Breed Dogs

(IMAGE: Wikipedia) A lot of people, when they decide to bring a dog into their family, automatically decide on a pedigree or purebred dog without even considering a crossbred or mixed breed dog. While many of us do have our favourite purebreeds, there are many benefits of choosing a mixed breed dog – and sadly … Continued

Giving a Pet as a Gift: Think Twice

    Christmas will be here before we know it. Santa is making his list and checking it twice. But there is one gift idea that you too should really be thinking twice about before you take the leap – that is giving a pet as a gift. It seems that at this time of … Continued

Doggie Issues: It’s Time to Talk about Anal Glands

(IMAGE: The Dog Dish) It’s not a pleasant topic, but it’s one that most dog owners will be all too familiar with: Anal Glands. Blockage of these glands is a common issue in domestic dogs, and even cats can occasionally have issues with them as well. As a dog owner, you need to know what … Continued

Kids and Dogs: Ensuring Children are Safe

The love and interaction between kids and dogs can be a beautiful thing. Yet all kids, especially young kids, need to be carefully supervised, even when with the gentlest of dogs. Any dog can bite a child or even a baby. It’s rarely a predatory action from the dog, but more a protective instinct – … Continued

Kids and Dogs: The Benefits of Having a Pet

Statistically, eighty percent of Australians will have a pet at some point in their life. As such, companion animals or pets are an integral part of life for most of us. Pets are beneficial to everyone, at all stages of life, and this is no truer than it is for children. Kids who have pets … Continued

Pet Registration in Victoria – What you Need to Know

Owning a dog (or cat) doesn’t just carry responsibilities of care, feeding, dog grooming and walking, and regular vet checks. According to the Domestic Animals Act 1994, registration of your pet is a legal requirement. Every dog and cat aged three months or older must be micro-chipped and registered with your local council, and registrations … Continued

All About the Australian Cattle Dog

Otherwise known as the Blue Heeler or the Red Heeler (depending on colouring), the Australian Cattle Dog is a very popular breed of working dog that also makes for a great, loyal companion. Very intelligent, it is an active and sturdy breed of dog that was developed to handle cattle herding and droving on Australian … Continued

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