Make Your Own Dog Treats: Basic Biscuits and Pupcakes

Commercial dog foods and treats are fast and convenient, but they can also be expensive, and you don’t necessarily know just what goes into them. It’s quite easy to make your own dog treats at home, and the new, fresh taste sensations will be appreciated so much by your dog. By making them yourself, you … Continued

Tips for Caring for your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an imperative part of his grooming routine. While you might enlist professional dog grooming services to see to this on a regular basis, it’s important to know what to do and, if not using a dog groomer, do it yourself. All dogs need to have their ears cleaned now and … Continued

Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are a common problem in dogs. Many, if not most, dogs will suffer an ear infection at some time during their lifetime, and dogs with non-erect ears are more at risk of developing this painful condition. The ears are made of skin and cartilage, and covered in a light layer of fur. The … Continued

Help!! Dog Fight!

It can be an uncomfortable fact of life that, sometimes, dogs fight. Dogfights can sound scary, and may appear to be extremely frightening, but in the vast majority of cases no real damage is done. Much canine aggression is actually ritualistic, and dogs will generally only cause harm if they really intend to. Most dogfights, … Continued

How to deal with Predatory Behaviour in Dogs

Prior to domestication, dogs were, like their wolf cousins, natural predators. In spite of hundreds (even thousands) of years of domestication, most dogs retain a natural instinct towards at least some predatory behaviour. Granted, most domestic dogs would be pretty useless if suddenly left in the wild to fend for themselves, but some are still … Continued

Basic Dog Grooming – What does it entail?

One of the services we proudly offer here at Urban Paws in Yarraville is Dog Grooming. This is the perfect way to pamper your pooch and take away all of the hard work which is involved if you do it yourself. Our groomers are professionally trained and we have all of the tools on hand … Continued

Delicious Summer Treats for your Dog

Dogs love food treats just as much as we do – but, as we all know, many human treats are not only unsuitable for dogs; they can actually be dangerous to their health and well-being. Here is a quick and easy recipe for a great summer treat (courtesy of the Humane Society) which your dog … Continued

Christmas Gifts for Fido

Christmas might just be the most exciting time of year; it certainly is for children both young and old. Our furry children are no different! Dogs get very excited about family gatherings and yummy treats, and they sense and share their humans’ excitement about most aspects of the Festive season. How many dogs happily wear … Continued

Keeping your Pet Safe from Snakes

Even in suburban regions, snakes can make their way into backyards during the spring and summer. Snakes become very active at this time of year, after remaining dormant during the cooler months, coming out to hunt, feed, find water, and to mate. Due to modern suburban sprawl, this frequently results in snakes finding their way … Continued

Caring for Your Pet During Summer – Part Two

Like people, overheated dogs can become irritable when it’s hot and humid. They can’t sweat like we do to cool down, and they can’t strip off their coats. Summer can be not just uncomfortable, but dangerous to our furry friends. Here, in no particular order, are some tips to keep your dog safe and well … Continued

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