Intestinal Worms and Your Dog

Worms. The word is enough to make most of us cringe. Especially when it applies to worms in your pet. We’ve talked about intestinal worms in dogs in a previous article in the past, but it’s a topic worth revisiting. Intestinal worms are parasites that dogs, cats, (and kids!) can easily contract

Beat the Summer Heat – Keeping Pets Cool

The Australian summer can be, quite simply, brutal. We humans complain plenty about the heat and humidity – there’s a lot to complain about some days! – but imagine how much worse it is for our furry friends? Heat exhaustion can be a major issue for animals in the summer, including our beloved pets. Both … Continued

Summer Pet Safety: Snakes

(IMAGE: Spring, summer, and early autumn in Australia mean snake season. Snakes come out during the warmer months to hunt, feed, find water, mate, and breed, and it’s very common for them to make their way into backyards where they are less than welcome. This is especially the case for venomous snakes, which Australia … Continued

Doggie Issues – Drooling

(IMAGE: The Daily Top) Drool. Slobber. It’s gross – but it’s also a part of life for many dogs (and their owners). And the very best dog grooming in the world can’t make drooling attractive! Why do some dogs drool so much? And is there anything you can do to minimise it?

Rewarding your Dog – Without Food

The most common reward for a good dog has traditionally been food – a treat of some kind that is gobbled down and gone in an instant. While food rewards do have their place, non-food rewards are very important too and can make the difference between a healthy dog and one that can become overweight … Continued

Safe Car Travel with your Dog

(IMAGE: Orvis) We all know how important it is to travel safely in a car, and to wear a seat belt. But what about when you take your dog along for the ride? Do you make sure he is as safe as possible too? In most instances, dogs enjoy car travel and going on all … Continued

Your Dog’s Nose

(IMAGE: PINTEREST) Many people wonder why their dog’s nose is wet and cold. Is there a reason for this? What if the dog’s nose is dry – is it a problem? Why your Dog’s Nose is Wet Dogs have wet noses for an array of reasons. These are: Canine noses secrete mucous – which sounds … Continued

Paw Care for Dogs

A dog’s paws are regularly forgotten by owners when it comes to his overall health; however his paws are his foundation. Not only does Fido walk on his paws; they are also essential for protection. Paw pads provide crucial insulation against heat and cold, protect tissues deep within the paw, and are shock absorbers that … Continued

Dog Walking – do Breed or Size Make a Difference?

Image: pinterest It should go without saying that all dogs need exercise – meaning that they need to be taken for walks. But how often should they be walked? How far? Do smaller dogs require shorter walks than larger dogs? And does breed make any difference?

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