Keeping Your Best Friend Safe – Part Two

Following on from our last post regarding how to keep your dog safe, here are some more important things to consider when caring for the well-being of your canine family members… Hazardous To Dogs: • Plants and Plant Bulbs. Many plant varieties are toxic to dogs (and, incidentally, to cats as well). Some are outright … Continued

Keeping Your Best Friend Safe – Part One

If you are lucky enough to be a dog owner, chances are he (or she) is a beloved family member. The days of the family dog being banished to the backyard and rarely kept in the company of human family members are generally gone, thank goodness; dogs are “pack” animals and their human family is … Continued

How Do I Train Recall Effectively? (Part Two)

Most dogs, like most children, are smart – and will typically do what they find most rewarding. As an owner, you need to make obedience have the most rewarding outcome for the dog. As such, you need to make obeying your command more enticing and rewarding than anything they can experience off the leash.

Basic Dog Training – The Recall Command Part One

A well-trained dog is, ultimately, a happy dog. While it can be fun to teach your dog to perform tricks like “beg” or “shake hands”, there are some much more important basic lifestyle lessons that every dog should learn in order to be socialised and to be well adjusted to our society. One of the … Continued

Kennel Cough – What You Need to Know

Just as humans can acquire a virus, like the “flu” or a common cold, our pets too can easily contract viral infections. And just like their human counterparts, it can make a dog feel miserable.

Pet Sitting through the Eyes of Urban Paws

If you are a pet owner who enjoys travelling for pleasure, or your job requires you to travel out of necessity, you might find yourself in a dilemma. Leaving your beloved pet for any amount of time is difficult in itself, but many pet owners also face the arduous decision of whether or not to … Continued

Loose Lead Walking Your Dog

Let’s face it…dogs simply love being outdoors! Whether they are at the beach, the park, or in their own backyard! Unfortunately, for many dog owners, taking your canine for a leashed walk isn’t always such a pleasurable experience. In addition to a dog’s enthusiasm for being outside in the fresh air,

Helping Your Dog ‘Beat the Heat’

Summer time is here and we all know what that means – spending more time outside in the beautiful warm weather! As the temperatures rise, people can always find ways to cool off, but what about our canine counterparts? They will be feeling the heat too and it’s our job as responsible pet owners to … Continued

Five Reasons to Bring Your Canine to Dog Day Care

If you are a dog owner, you undoubtedly not only love your furry companion with all your heart, you also want to give him or her everything they need to live a happy life. As any owner of a dog will tell you…along with the basic necessities of food and shelter-that means lots of love … Continued

Ready to bring in the New Year? Consider Your Pet First!

New Years Eve is a grand time to get together and celebrate with friends and family, but it might not be so grand for your pet(s). Unfortunately, because dogs and cats have an acute sense of hearing (four times greater than a human’s)-the traditional sights and sounds of fireworks, even noisemakers and loud shouting can … Continued

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