Basic Paw Care

Your dog’s paws need basic care and pampering. Imagine walking across a hot road or grass with bindies in bare feet? This is what your dog does every day.

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To a large extent, your dog’s paw pads are the most vulnerable part of his body to injury. Problems including cuts, tears, and cracked paw pads are common and painful. Add to these nail length and foreign objects like thorns that can become wedged between the pads of his toes. Compounding the issues is the fact that when there is an irritation or wound, your dog will instinctively lick and chew – exacerbating the problem and compromising healing.

Here are the top things you need to know about caring for your dog’s paws:

  • Nail Trimming

A clicking sound as your dog walks across a hard floor is a sure sign her nails are too long. Nails should be clipped so that they barely touch the ground, and vets can trim for you if you’re not comfortable doing so. If you do trim your dog’s nails yourself, remember to not trim too close to the quick, and to check the paws for debris like pebbles. Comb hair between toes and trim so it doesn’t get matted.

  • Heat and Cold

Have some consideration and walk your dog when footpaths are cooler. Avoid walking him on hot sand, roads, car parks, and the like. Check for burning and blisters and see your vet if these occur.
During very cold weather, note that paws can dry out and become chapped and cracked.

  • Cracked Pads

When pads dry out, in hot or cold weather, they can crack and bleed. Seek vet advice on what products to use and how to alleviate your dog’s discomfort.

  • Cuts and Grazes

Basic first aid for cuts and grazes on paws applies. Clean with a canine-friendly antibacterial wash, put on some antibacterial cream or ointment, and if your dog is cooperative, bandage the paw. Try to keep him indoors until after the cut has healed, so that dirt stays out of the wound.

Urban Paws Dog Grooming in Yarraville will see to all of your pet’s paw care needs during a regular pet grooming session, including checking the wellbeing of your dog’s feet. Call us today or drop in to see how we can pamper your

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