Basic Dog Grooming – What does it entail?

One of the services we proudly offer here at Urban Paws in Yarraville is Dog Grooming. This is the perfect way to pamper your pooch and take away all of the hard work which is involved if you do it yourself. Our groomers are professionally trained and we have all of the tools on hand to make Rover look and feel fabulous – from his nose to his toes; the tips of his ears to the tip of his tail.

All dogs, regardless of size, age or breed, need to be regularly groomed. This is not just for appearance’s sake; it is crucial for comfort and wellbeing. Adequate grooming is a dog’s basic need. The frequency and level of grooming required will depend on the breed of dog you have, and it’s important to understand your own dog’s individual needs and to keep him on a schedule.

The basics of dog grooming include:

• Washing – let’s face it, few dogs (or owners) actually enjoy bath time. Dogs can learn to remain calm, however. Dogs of most breeds should ideally be bathed at least once a month, especially during summer. If you do it yourself, always use a soap-free dog shampoo – some dogs will need vet-recommended shampoos. Make sure you dry your dog well during cooler months.

• Brushing – the vast majority of dogs love to be brushed, and it can be a great human-canine bonding activity. Long haired breeds require brushing on a daily basis to prevent tangling and matting; even the shortest haired breeds need brushing every few weeks. There is nothing wrong with brushing daily. Coats will be healthy and shiny, and during shedding season it prevents build up, making your dog more comfortable and much cooler. Your clothing and furniture will thank you too.

• Clipping – some dogs have short hair which doesn’t grow long; others have hair which grows continuously and, like a person, needs to be trimmed regularly. The professionals can achieve much better results than most dog owners – they are also experienced at keeping skittish dogs calm for their haircuts.

• Ear Care – pets’ ears can be a nasty haven for yeast and bacteria, and dogs in particular need human help to keep theirs clean. While some dogs can last a lifetime without experiencing a single issue with their ears, others can develop chronic ear disease. This can be genetic and is a bigger problem for dogs that have floppy ears. Vet treatments might be necessary; otherwise, simply and gently clean the external ear canal of debris build up. (This will be addressed in a future article).

• Nail Trimming – no pet enjoys having their nails trimmed. It can be dicey, as too short a trim can be painful and even cause infection and bleeding. Have your vet or dog groomer take care of this delicate job which needs to be done on a regular basis.

Urban Paws can take care of all your dog grooming needs – returning your dog fresh, clean, happy, and looking and smelling great! Call us today.

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