Our Story…

Urban Paws is owned by husband/wife team and animal enthusiasts Roger & Melinda.  A unique Melbourne business which specialises in a variety of services for every pet owner’s loyal companion. Our goal is a simple one… to share our love, expertise, and compassion for animals by providing exceptional care for your pet as if they were our own. Our range of services include doggy daycare, in-home pet sitting (cats included), dog walking and dog grooming.

Our name was inspired when we realised there was a need to provide premium pet care services for our  furry ‘city dwellers’. Being pet owners ourselves, we weren’t fans of the kennels and catteries which lacked the personalised attention we so desperately wanted for our own pets in our absence. We just knew there had to be a better option that would give our pets the one-on-one attention they needed whilst enabling them to continue their daily routine.

Our quest for something better led us to the concept of bringing the care into the comfort of your pet’s own home. In 2009 we founded Urban Paws, offering both a very personal, yet professional, pet sitting and dog walking service. Our business ethics and exceptional care have since allowed us to service over 400 clients, many of whom have become frequent customers. Today, Urban Paws not only offers the original services of dog walking, pet sitting and dog grooming, but has branched out to include dog day care  in our registered cage free dog facility in Yarraville.

We invite you and your loyal companion to experience the love and care from our highly qualified staff of animal caregivers. We guarantee that on your first visit you will discover what we are all about, along with the specialised pet care we provide.

Pets are like family and they deserve the very best care – whether you are down the street running an errand or away from home for an extended period of time. You can rest assured, when you come to Urban Paws for any of our services…you will be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and whose only priority will be the well-being of your precious pet.

Melinda (Owner/Founder)

Melinda and Marli at Urban Paws Doggy Day care
Melinda & Marli

Melinda’s professional expertise with animals began when she landed a job at a dog grooming salon as an understudy. It was in this position she gained valuable experience, and has since attended certified grooming courses to hone her skills and knowledge. A testament to her gentle & approachable nature, Melinda has become a much sought after pet sitter since co-founding Urban Paws with her partner, Roger. In between her grooming & pet care appointments, she is also responsible for organising our booking & enquiries.

Roger (Owner/Founder)

Roger and Reno in the rubber area at Urban Paws dog daycare facility.
Roger & Reno

Roger’s childhood affinity towards animals, especially dogs, has led to him following his true passion of becoming a dynamic part of the pet care industry. An experienced dog handler & caregiver, Roger has a keen understanding of the needs of his canine compatriots, together with a gift for communicating with them.

By guiding them towards more desirable behavior, he is able to create a happier, more confident animal. Roger is a strong believer in promoting responsible ownership by providing leadership & balance in the lives of dogs.

35 Hughes St, Yarraville
Vic 3013, Australia

16 Dowsett St, South Geelong
Vic 3220, Australia

03 9077 0562

Mon to Fri, 7:30am - 6pm (Yarraville)
Mon to Fri, 7:30am - 6pm (Geelong)