What You Need to Know about Dog Baiting


As impossible as it is for most of us to understand, there are some people who are not animal lovers, and there are people who do not like dogs. There are, appallingly, even some who actively set out to cause harm to dogs.

In the last couple of years, the RSPCA has reported concerns over the swift rise in dog baiting. What is dog baiting? More

Speaking your Pet’s Language

A recent article in the news explored how dogs communicate with their humans – and gave an opinion on which species is smarter (dogs versus cats).

First Up – Who’s Smarter?

While dog owners like to think their favoured pet is smart for his loyalty, friendliness, and willingness to be trained, it’s for the very opposite traits that cat owners believe their feline friends are smart – aloofness, attitude, and independence. But science has an answer of sorts. More

A Wagging Tail

One thing all dogs have in common at birth is a cute tail that will wag and communicate very effectively about how your dog is feeling at any given moment.


Aches and Pains: When your Pet has Arthritis

Just like humans, dogs and cats can suffer the effects of arthritis as they get older. It can cause significant distress, and sometimes humans won’t realise their furry family member is suffering until the condition is quite advanced. You need to know the signs to look for and how to make your pet more comfortable.

What is Arthritis? More

Doggie Issues: Tear Staining

Image: Dogster.com

One issue which many dog owners will be familiar with is that of tear staining. It’s most commonly seen in dogs that have white or light coloured fur, and some breeds are more prone to it than others.

What is Tear Staining? More

Intestinal Worms and Your Dog

Worms. The word is enough to make most of us cringe. Especially when it applies to worms in your pet.

We’ve talked about intestinal worms in dogs in a previous article in the past, but it’s a topic worth revisiting.

Intestinal worms are parasites that dogs, cats, (and kids!) can easily contract More

The Benefits of Doggy Day Care

Bringing your dog to doggy day care in Yarraville at our Urban Paws Dog Day Care Centre has many positive benefits for you and your dog.

Not only can you feel comfortable to go to work or out and know that your dog is being cared for well in your absence, there are a myriad of positives specifically for your dog when he or she goes to day care, whether it’s for a couple of hours, a whole day, or on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Dog Day Care Include:

  • Reduced Boredom. A bored dog can be a destructive dog. With dog day care, there is no time for boredom and your home and garden will be much better off for it. It also removes issues like barking which annoys neighbours.


  • Alleviates Separation Anxiety. Many dogs don’t cope when their master or mistress is absent, especially if they are left alone. Loneliness leads to anxiety, depression and unwanted behaviours. The company of other people and other dogs is the antidote to this!


  • Provides Routine including Exercise. Too many of us are too busy or tired after work to exercise our dogs properly. Dog day care takes this responsibility on for you and at the end of the day you come home with a tried, happy dog who is thrilled to see you yet ready to relax.


  • Playtime at dog day care allows your dog to express normal canine behaviour in a fun environment with other dogs. Dogs develop friendships just like humans do.


  • The right dog day care centres offer a safe, well supervised environment for your dog. Yards and play areas are secure, dogs are grouped according to compatibility, and all dogs are continuously monitored closely.


  • Human Contact. Dog really is man’s best friend, and he thrives on human company. Dog day care means your dog need not spend the day alone while you are out nor need he be locked up if you are entertaining and can’t have him join you. Dog day care staff interact with the dogs in their care, offering cuddles, pats, treats, and playtime.

Urban Paws Dog Day Care in Yarraville offers your dog a safe, fun, and healthy environment in which to socialise, exercise, and be supervised and taken care of while you work or see to other commitments. Our centre offers both indoor and outdoor areas and your dog will be assessed and placed with other suitable doggy companions. Choose Urban Paws for the ultimate happiness and wellbeing of your dog – whether on a casual or more regular basis. We even offer a pet taxi service! Check out our website to discover more…

Beat the Summer Heat – Keeping Pets Cool

The Australian summer can be, quite simply, brutal. We humans complain plenty about the heat and humidity – there’s a lot to complain about some days! – but imagine how much worse it is for our furry friends?

Heat exhaustion can be a major issue for animals in the summer, including our beloved pets. Both dogs and cats (as well as rabbits and other animals) release heat by panting. They can’t sweat the way humans do, with only their paw pads having the ability to perspire. The more your pet is panting, the greater heat stress it is under. More

The Beauty of Mixed Breed Dogs

(IMAGE: Wikipedia)

A lot of people, when they decide to bring a dog into their family, automatically decide on a pedigree or purebred dog without even considering a crossbred or mixed breed dog. While many of us do have our favourite purebreeds, there are many benefits of choosing a mixed breed dog – and sadly it’s more often the mixed breeds that wind up in rescue shelters or the RSPCA desperate for a home… More